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Andrew LaMar Hopkins

Andrew LaMar Hopkins is a self-taught historical folk artist and Antiques Dealer. Fascinated with history, architecture, antiques and art at a early age, Hopkins would create Old World European villages and Southern Antebellum city's on table tops out of modeling clay. As a talented child he was encouraged by his parents and teachers to create what he love through his art. "I want my historically influenced paintings to be "attractive, and colorful but also of educational value, displaying the histories which surround us," Born in Mobile Alabama. At a early age his artwork was inspired by old Southern architecture and 19th century culture of the port city. This early influence is still seen in his art today. As a teenager Hopkins and his family moved to New Orleans, a city known for it's French and Spanish influence culture & old architecture. Living in the Old French Quarter, Hopkins created Old world style scenes on canvas. His artwork is also inspired by his many international travels mostly to France. After living in New Orleans French Quarter for 10 years Hopkins left the Quarter and moved to Baltimore MD after Hurricane Katrina. Baltimore another Southern port city inspired his work with it's beautiful art and architecture. Hopkins now lives back in his birth city of Mobile, Alabama. "I call my self a realist Folk Artist. A folk artist because I'm self taught. Realist because my artwork is realistic in the 19th century American tradition of folk artist. Hopkins detailed paintings are colorful and show great execution of texture of the different materials depicted in his art of Historic architecture, culture and the people of the time in period costume. Hopkins favorite subject to paint is the Gulf Coast Creole lifestyle. Hopkins art is for sale. You can contact him by email andrew1860@aol.com or phone 251-421-4450.

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