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This post covers activities in New Orleans in January, including family-friendly activities and events that have been updated for 2020. April, which is a good time here, is the time of year to open the festival season New Orleans. We will be in New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago and other major cities all year round, but we will also be back in the United States for the first time in over a decade.

Find out what's going on in New Orleans City Park, including the annual Carnival of the Americas, the largest festival of its kind in the United States, and catch up on all the events and activities in New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago and elsewhere.

If you want to participate in the New Orleans Wine and Food Experience, visit NOLA Wine & Food Festival, the largest wine and food festival in North America, to learn more. Also check out our list of free activities in Nola while visiting New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago and elsewhere, and visiting some of the most popular events in these cities.

Learn more about our list of New Orleans events in New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago and elsewhere, updated daily. You can also find it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google + and other social media sites. Find out daily under $1,000 in free tickets to the annual NOLA Wine & Food Festival in Nola, Louisiana!

Visit all the festivals that make Big Easy famous in our New Orleans Events Calendar and take a vacation with the New Louisiana Events from Easy Calendar!

The base of this festival is in the French Quarter, but also outside New Orleans. This event is hosted by the Food Network, a nonprofit organization that promotes appreciation of New York's food culture through food, wine, music, art and entertainment.

Given this, it should come as no surprise that New Orleans is also an amazing city for hosting events. If you are in town on the last weekend in April or the first of May, the chances are that something cool is going on in this city when you visit. This is the most famous of all New York festivals, attracting more than 10 million people to the cities every year. So if you want to experience one of the best of them, or have a big Gogo, plan to just be there for the weekend, even if it's just for a weekend.

We have a list of things to do in New Orleans, including Mardi Gras, but there are plenty of New York festivals to go to, and that means parties that last several weeks.

If you're traveling to New Orleans for one of these festivals, we have some great recommendations and we look forward to seeing what you can do in New York while you plan your trip.

Get ideas for activities in New Orleans with NOLA Local Events, get to know local events such as food, music, art, food trucks and more. Make events in New Orleans and learn about the city's cultural history, art and culture.

Check out our article about the Audubon Zoo New Orleans for ticket prices, times, and other information. Genre AlternativeBallads, RomanticBluesChanson and FrancaiseChildren sell tickets for concerts, sports and other events in New York, New Jersey, Chicago, Los Angeles, LA and on StubHub.

This event is held at Metairie Church, please contact the church at (504) 643-5555, St. John the Baptist Church, 3200 Stony Brook Ave.

Perched on a perch in the French Quarter, the Ace Hotel New Orleans offers evening events with live music, food and drink, live entertainment and more. OffBeat is a monthly print magazine focused on the art, music and culture of New York City, New Jersey and the rest of the United States. WWOZ reports on many events in cities across the United States, whether you live in those cities or outside them.

The events listed here are all about food and drink, but if you're in the industry or just interested in mixology, there's a cool New Orleans event for you. This Northshore Festival pays homage to Louisiana's roots in music, showcasing the best of local, regional and international cuisine, drinks and music from around the world. At this New York City event, you'll find imaginative cuisine and alluring scents, as well as a wide variety of live entertainment at every festival in New Louisiana. One of our favourite events in the city's art and culture scene is the LUNA Fete, which stands for Light NOLA Art, a three-day festival of art, music, dance and food.

New Orleans is known for good food, and while red beans and rice are Satchmo's favorite dishes, you can also find it at the annual Satchesmo SummerFest, held every year on the second Saturday in May from July to August. Get in the Mardi Gras spirit and spend the day with the best King of Cakes, as well as sample some of the best food and drink in New Orleans at this annual event.

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