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So our great New Orleans road trip only started on day three, but in this article I'll tell you why I love this city and some of my favorite things to do there. One of the best places to stay in the city, with great restaurants, bars, restaurants and hotels and a great nightlife.

Choose a hotel in a nice tourist area and dine in neighborhoods that evoke vintage New Orleans, such as the French Quarter, the South End or the West End.

There are other luxury hotels in the area, and Cajun Encounters offers all - night swamp tours. The same company, New Orleans Secrets, also offers a guided Garden District Tour, which we will definitely take with us on our next trip to NoLa.

Be sure to check out our list of family-friendly activities in New Orleans, where you can find dozens more kids - with a focus on activities. Below are some of our most family-friendly activities for kids, as well as some of the things we've done in and around New York City. If you are coming to New Orleans for the first time and enjoy the parade, read on for more information.

Don't make the same mistake as most visitors when visiting New Orleans: limit yourself to the French Quarter. While most of us will have ended up in Lafayette or Baton Rouge at some point, there are a number of different routes to and from New York City, as well as different parts of the city. If you're not visiting New Louisiana, be sure to visit the Old Town, the South End and other areas around the City of Saints.

To leave you to make up your mind, this 3-day New Orleans tour includes stops in New York City, Baton Rouge, Lafayette and the French Quarter. Read more about New Louisiana in our guide to the city's most popular destinations here.

New Orleans has some of the most enjoyable places to eat and drink in the Big Easy, and we plan to take you along to enjoy your time here. If there are so many tourists visiting New Orleans all the time, if there is a particular restaurant you want to visit, make sure you reserve dinner in advance. Read more about our Deep South Road Trip and stay tuned for our guide to the best restaurants in New Louisiana, of which there are plenty.

While you could definitely spend more than 3 days in New Orleans, you should explore some of the city's most important highlights and experience much of what it has to offer in three full days. Likewise, our love for this city is so great, and our time here at the end has made us look at it with new eyes to see more of Louisiana. Ten days is a long enough time to savour every aspect of Louisiana, but not so long that you can leave it to your own devices. If a three-day stay in New Orleans is enough to whet your appetite, it will want to leave you behind.

So this is our guide to guide you through what you can see and do in New Orleans in three days. If you want to recommend something you should miss, do so in the comments below or on our Facebook page. We have a lot of experience in and around New York City and many great memories of our time here in Louisiana.

We have seen everything New Orleans has to offer, from fascinating history to eerie ghost stories to everything it has to offer. On this four-hour tour, you will learn how the ingredients of Creole and Cajun cuisine tell the story of New York and how they are told through the history and New Louisiana. We tried everything from muffuletta and gumbo to poo'boys, and we have to say this is the best food tour in New Orleans. Our high expectations were certainly met with a good meal and a great experience in the most beautiful city on the planet.

Such iconic attractions make up New Orleans itself, and there are many places to eat, drink and drink in the Big Easy, as well as places to eat.

There are many attractions and events that are exclusively for New Orleans, but there is still much to do and much to see and do. Don't worry if there's nothing to do, a swamp tour is a must for more than a few days - for any New York City trip. When you come to New York Orleans during low season there are a number of places where you can go for a day or two or even a week in the city.

Most swamp tours are conducted by the New York State Department of Natural Resources (NYSDNR) or the National Park Service (NPS).

More About New Orleans

More About New Orleans