13 years after Katrina, Dixie Beer returning to New Orleans

Published 08-07-2018

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NEW ORLEANS (AP) - Nearly 13 years after Hurricane Katrina laid waste to a landmark brewery, plans have been announced for Dixie Beer to be brewed in New Orleans again.

The brand, established in 1907, never left. And it has enjoyed a resurgence in the city since Saints owner Tom Benson purchased the Dixie Brewing Company last year.

But it has been brewed out of state since the 2005 storm.

Benson's widow, Gayle Benson, attended a news conference Tuesday where it was announced that the new brewery will be in eastern New Orleans. She said her husband had intended to return production to New Orleans after purchasing the brand.

Dixie's old brewery on Tulane Avenue is gone. Part of it, including its distinctive metal dome, was incorporated into a new medical complex.

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