In Louisiana, less red tape for eyebrow threaders

Published 07-19-2018

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NEW ORLEANS (AP) - Practitioners of the hair-removal technique known as "eyebrow threading" no longer need hundreds of hours of expensive training to work in Louisiana.

The nonprofit Institute for Justice said in a news release Thursday that it's preparing to dismiss a lawsuit against the state Board of Cosmetology filed in 2016 on behalf of a suburban New Orleans threading salon.

In Louisiana, threaders once needed an esthetician's license, requiring 750 hours of beauty school courses and three licensing exams. Plaintiffs challenging the requirement in a state lawsuit said the beauty school requirement meant anywhere from $6,000 to $13,000 in expenses. They called the requirements unnecessary and unconstitutional.

Cosmetology Board director Steve Young said Thursday that regulations for eyebrow threaders now require only a test and a permit with costs totaling $50.

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