Recipes You Need to Cook This Week July 29 - August 4

Published 07-26-2018

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As we say goodbye to July and hello to August, we find ourselves in one of the most bountiful times for summer produce. Farmers markets are overflowing with stone fruits, such as peaches, plums, and (our favorite) cherries. We start asking questions like "What are heirloom tomatoes and why are they so good?" And corn and is finally beginning to become available.

We have thoughtfully curated five recipes that are ideal for cooking right now and will make sure you are eating what's currently the most in season. These dishes are all good enough to be enjoyed on their own, but if you are feeling ambitious, they make for an incredible feast when served together for the ultimate summer dinner party.Watermelon and Goat Cheese SaladThis seasonal salad couldn't be easier to prepare and serves a beautiful hors d'oeuvre or even as a full meal when paired with one of our favorite grilled fish or shellfish recipes. Deliciously pairing sweet and crunchy watermelon with savory and creamy goat cheese delivers a light and refreshing dish that's ideal for warmer weather. This recipe calls for pea tendrils, which can sometimes be found at your local farmers market, but if you can't don't worry, this salad is so versatile that any fresh herbs or micro greens will taste great.Grilled Pizza With Corn, Prosciutto, and Tarragon Fresh corn is one of summer's greatest gifts, and we love cooking and eating it any and every way imaginable. When used as a pizza topping, this sweet and crisp vegetable melds wonderfully with salty prosciutto and creamy mozzarella. This recipe can be made in an oven; however, since its grilling season, we encourage the use of a grill, which adds a nice smoky flavor. Making your own dough can seem intimidating, so there's no shame in picking up some that's already prepared from the grocery store or even your best local pizza shop. Linguine With ClamsThere's something about this classic pairing that just screams summer. Clams add an oceanic dimension to the pasta, while garlic and chili flakes balance out the dish. This dish's beauty is in its simplicity, and with only seven ingredients, this pasta recipe is like something grandma used to make (or so we like to imagine). It's perfect for any type of occasion, whether it's an alfresco date night or just a weeknight dinner with the family. Take one bite and you'll be transported to the southern coast of Italy.Honey Soy Grilled Skirt SteakA variation of teriyaki steak, this dish is one of our go-to summer recipes to toss on the barbie when having company over for dinner. Skirt steak has traditionally been a cheaper cut of meat, but since it has incredible flavor and texture, it's a wallet-friendly option for hosting. The steak only needs to marinate for an hour, which allows time to prep your grill and make some side dishes that will wow your guests. That way, when it's time to cook, dinner is pretty much done, and you just have to focus on grilling the perfect steak.Cherry and Cream Ice PopsWe are currently in the heart of cherry season, and what better way to enjoy them than in a refreshing popsicle. Although this recipe calls for frozen cherries, we love to substitute fresh ones whenever possible. Depending on whether you prefer sweet or tart flavors - or a combination of both (our favorite) - any variety of cherries will work just perfectly for this frozen treat. Oh, and did we mention that there's no added sugar in these? All the sweetness comes naturally from real fruit juice, cherries, and just a hint of honey, so you don't have to feel guilty eating two. For other sweets perfect for warm weather, check out these 10 no-bake desserts for summer parties.

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