Frog symphony and ancient trees in a verdant Louisiana swamp

Published 07-31-2018

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MARRERO, La. (AP) - For visitors willing to embrace heat and humidity, a magical verdant landscape awaits at the Barataria Preserve of Jean Lafitte National Park just outside New Orleans.

The park offers a symphony of frogs and a 700-year-old tree called Monarch of the Swamp amid its trails, woods and wetlands.

The preserve is one of six sites making up Jean Lafitte National Historical Park and Preserve. Other sites include Chalmette Battlefield, where Andrew Jackson won the Battle of New Orleans in 1815, triumphing over British forces in the last great fight of the War of 1812.

Jackson owed his victory partly to the man for whom the park is named: Jean Lafitte. Lafitte supplied soldiers, guns and more. Some of his operations were based along waterways where the Barataria Preserve is now.

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